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Sacred Tattoos:

More than Skin Deep


By Tania Marie


Sacred Tattoos - Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring
by Tania Marie

New Paradigm Tattoo Information Empowering Lives  As It Penetrates More Than Skin Deep

Tattoo aficionados, curiosity seekers, and skeptics wanting to receive progressive insights that can positively transform their lives and shift perspectives about the world of sacred tattoo art, need a doorway to that deeper understanding. We take a relevant journey through unchartered waters in revealing insights that take Dr. Masaru Emoto's concept of molecular restructuring of water in response to vibrational stimuli, to a whole new level in how the human body temple, mostly made of water, responds the same with intentful sacred tattoos. This realization supports the rising needs of those seeking empowerment in these shifting times and people who want to integrate more spirituality into their lives, in a personally authentic and meaningful way, through sacred body art.....

Click above link to continue reading article published on Tattoo Artists' Guild whose primary goal is to elevate and advance the art of tattooing. It is dedicated to those in the tattooing trade, collectors, as well as individuals who have an interest in tattooing. 

Article was also published on www.gothamtattoo.com. Gotham Tattoo was created to provide sanction to those who have a passion for tattooing. They understand that temple decoration is a most sacred art form and its roots are as ancient as the dawning of Man.

A customized version made it to www.journal.tattoo.com as Tattoo Journal's headlining article of their main page for December 2011 as well. 

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