Spiritual Skin

  Sacred Tattoos:         

Sacred Tattoos:

More than Skin Deep


By Tania Marie

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Both provide affordable and easy access to this ground-breaking new book by Tania Marie, which creates the bridge between physical and spiritual through a thorough exploration of tattoos. Learn why spiritual tattoos are increasingly becoming significant choices in terms of their ability to greatly enhance your life.


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This book is an enlightening spiritual journey through body art with topics including: tattoos and the new earth energy, spiritual tattoos as the new energy wave, tattoos as personal portals and sacred vortexes, religious and spiritual dilemmas around the subject of tattoos, the body as a temple of service, considerations and guidance to help you choose the perfect tattoo, a discussion of symbolism - personal and collective, retracing the origins and ancient, evolutionary history, present day resurgence of tattoos, a revealing and insightful interview with a spiritually passionate tattoo artist and an intimate unveiling of Tania's own sacred tattoo journey, including her transition from client to designer.

It is Tania's desire to bring back the ancient sacredness of tattooing and to help transcend the enculturated ideas and beliefs that have since been placed on something that once held a great honor, beauty and depth of meaning.


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