Spiritual Skin

  Sacred Tattoos:         

Sacred Tattoos:

More than Skin Deep


By Tania Marie

Life Changing Tattoos

Ready to create your most powerfully transformative sacred tattoo designs ever that will support your spiritual awakening, integrative healing, empowered self-expression, and ultimately your soul journey?


Are you interested in having a tattoo on your skin that has the ability to emanate positive energy daily in your life, but ALSO to all who view it, so that not only are you being of service to yourself, but to others?


Do you want to ensure you will love your tattoo, get value for your money, avoid painful and expensive laser removal processes, and feel vibrantly at home in your new skin?


If you find yourself saying yes to any or all of these, then Tania Marie may be the perfect designer to co-create in partnership with you.


Learn more about this creative and intuitive process you’ll be embarking on together with Tania, as you begin your journey of creating your very own Spiritual Skin.

"It is almost impossible to put into words what this experience has meant and continues to mean to me in my personal life.  Any good artist can create a beautiful design.  But I know of no one who does the kind of work that Tania does. Working with Tania is like working with someone on a different plane.” ~Mari Braveheart-Dances, Athens, GA

What You Can Expect From the Process of Sacred Tattoo Designing With Tania Marie, From the Artist Herself:


Tania Marie: “I want to share a recurring theme that comes up in my sacred tattoo design consultations and creations so that others realize that this is not a simple tell me what you want, I draw it process. This process of sacred tattoo designing is a very intense, intimate and involved journey that we share. It is like receiving a consolidated coaching session compressed in the now, but spanning perhaps years, a lifetime or lifetimes of focuses for you, all done energetically through symbolism specific to your needs and in support of the healing journey you are on. These sacred tattoo designs help alter your DNA code to align with its vibration. Many times these designs are steps ahead of where you are, but they hold the space for you to grow and move into, and will support you through your walk of life. For me, it's like doing shaman healing through the intuitive work when I create a supportive piece - a whole journey of integrative healing, as there is much to process and embrace. It is as potently intense for me, as it is for my clients. It is an honor to be able to do this sacred work that is my passion.


I wrote my book, “Spiritual Skin,” which had been nudging me for a few years, as I wanted to help others to understand this sacred process and how tattoos were much more than meets the eye."



The design process, including consulting, is $225/hour

I require a one hour deposit upfront, as all tattoos take at least one hour, and the balance is due upon our agreement of its closure. This deposit both holds your space AND is applied as the first hour of the design process.  

There is a waiting list for sacred tattoo designs.

When you place your deposit to hold a space, I will be contacting you with a projected week estimate on the calendar that we'll be co-creating your design in. 

The way to hold your spot on the list is to provide the 1 hour deposit upfront, as I create the designs in the order I receive them.

Design work books up quickly, so this is the way to get on the design schedule.

If you have a rush job that must take place in a certain time-frame, contact me to discuss details and to see if I am capable of working off-hours to assist that, which would equate to a higher rate fee, reflectively.

Important Reminders: 

If you have a budget to be mindful of, please place that in the comment section of your invoice and we'll discuss details at the point I am ready to begin it. I have been able to successfully stay within budgets when that is needed, but just be mindful that any limits also limits size and detail respectively.

People continue to book with me on the calendar so it's best not to wait to schedule your sacred tattoo design, as this is ongoing.

Simply go to the link below and place your deposit to hold your space.

And please take the time to read the details on this page, as likely you'll find the answers to your questions here.


I am not taking on any new clients for sacred tattoo designs at this time. Until further notice, this service is not available, but will return at an unknown future date. 

To embark on this journey as a co-creative partner with me, please make your deposit here and send your request to CONTACT TANIA and we'll set the energy in motion:

"It took my breathe away. It's beautiful. It's stunning. It's perfect as I knew it would be. And yes, it's epic." ~ Jim, Asheville, NC


I only charge for the actual design time, meaning pencil to paper time. 

The consulting (done through extensive emails), research, meditation, and write-up on the symbolism upon conclusion, along with any extra goodies I add to the process, are NOT part of the hourly. These are just the gifts I add to the very intensive journey. 

The process of designing is a very intricate, deep, sacred, detailed, time and committed dedication that I take seriously and put my heart and soul into to ensure the right energy and detail that reflects your own heart. Sometimes I am creating out of thin air if a client doesn’t know exactly what they want, and only shares essence qualities, so I then need to figure out how that translates. This sometimes comes clearly through right away and sometimes the energy needs to percolate a bit, depending on how clear it is when being channeled.

Sometimes it takes time to go deeper and access that pearl that is hidden. It is quite the spiritual process and the more we unravel and dig deeper, the more I uncover the truth below the surface and get through the layers.

On average, tattoos run 3-6 hours, to design from my experience. 6+ hours for larger, more involved pieces. Much smaller or simplified pieces are possible at the 1-3 hour range. At onset, please provide the size and any needed details so that we can discuss a guesstimate on time involved. This will provide you with a range of what to expect in terms of investment. If you have a budget to be mindful of, please let me know that at onset to avoid surprises, and we will create something to fit your needs. Be mindful that limitations respectively reflect in what we can achieve. I will always create a quality piece, but can't possibly fit a ton of ideas, detail, and size into a small time frame.

Intricacy, detail and size will be the deciding factors. Whenever dealing with symmetry it can be a bit more complex and timely as well, so this all is taken into account when estimating time frames. I can usually give close guesstimates, but they can run shorter or a little longer. 

It is most important we get it right than to rush a process, however, I am mindful of people’s budgets and will work with what you can afford in terms of staying within a time frame you need.

However, keep in mind that less time equates to less detail and will limit us in terms of what we can create. 

Consulting back and forth is no extra charge, nor is the meditating time I do to tune in and receive. I clock my work from start to finish. After we agree, I will begin the design and then once done, email the scanned design to you to see what you feel. 9 times out of 10 we get it the first time. The other times, it usually only involves small tweaks and adjustments.

I aim to please and want you 100% happy with the design you will be wearing for your lifetime. 

That said, I don’t charge for a couple of minutes of changes, but if it is more involved than a few minutes of change, or constitutes a redo, then I charge the same hourly rate. Of course if it’s a partial hour then I charge accordingly, as that equates from the normal hourly rate.


The design is done in black and grays, meaning pencil, as it is up to your tattoo artist and you to incorporate colors you may desire. This is just the "design template" that they will work from and infuse their energy into when transferring it to your skin. 

Choosing the right tattoo artist to execute the designs is an important part of the equation and creates a trinity of energy between us for this co-collaborative effort. We try to get it the closest to the measurements you provide, but any good tattoo artist can easily size the design up or down and make any small tweaks/adjustments if needed.

All design consultations are done via email with my clients internationally. I find it most effective for the process and provides opportunity for the magic to take place. 

The whole process is a magical one and I’m constantly amazed at how synchronously and divinely it always unfolds. It’s like being a catalyst for new energy and a channel to help bring forth the visions my clients have into manifested form. In so doing, we create magical portals through an alchemical process.

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist you with your own "Spiritual Skin" and welcome any inquiries you may have.

Secure Paypal Credit Card Payments Accepted

CONTACT TANIA for Inquiries and to Commission Tania for Custom Sacred Tattoo Design Work. 

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