Spiritual Skin

  Sacred Tattoos:         

Sacred Tattoos:

More than Skin Deep


By Tania Marie


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"Spiritual Skin is a beautifully put together ebook which perfectly mirrors my own feelings about tattooing and its sacred symbolism in my life. Tattoos for me are another way to express my own unique creativity and spirituality. Just like music and food, they are a way to take an invisible energetic impulse sensed on other realms and translate it into something materially substantive and appreciable on the physical realm.  If you are considering a tattoo, or are already captivated by your own tattoos, reading Tania's book will help you consolidate your ideas and validate your feelings."

Kate Magic

Raw Food Expert & Author of UK's Best-Selling Raw Recipe Books

Brighton, UK





"Spiritual Skin! A book whose time has come! And I can think of no one better suited to bring this valuable and life-changing information to Light!


How one approaches a tattoo, their 'conscious intention,' is of utmost importance!


In this book Tania illuminates the deep, ancient and sacred connection between the skin and the Spirit.


May this book be a bolt of Divine Inspiration for any who may be seeking a tattoo. And may all who come across this book find tranquility in Tania's meditative cadence.


Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! What a TRULY MAGNIFICENT job you have done with your book Tania!!! I LOVELOVELOVE it!!! You did such an amazing job! This is the book anyone interested in tattoos should read! I will read this over and over again. I will have to put something on my website and on my studio wall, telling everyone about this book. And, I am blessed to be in your book! You are AMAZING, your energy is so beautiful, and I am honored to be in the company of some great artists within the pages of your book! Thank you again and again!!!"

SIVA, Tattoo Artist

Sedona, AZ





"A thorough, inspired and empowering look at spiritual tattoos from ancient history to deciding what or if to tattoo now. Tania helps readers discover themselves and their deepest yearnings for self-expression. I have already referred clients to this book and they love it!"

Laura Bruno

Medical Intuitive & Life Coach

Madison, WI





"Tania Marie brings an intriguing and profound perspective on spiritual tattoos. Spiritual Skin is radiant with her experiences, compassion, and knowledge. This book is integrated with captivating quotes and beautiful color photographs, but the chapter on Tania, herself, is by far the most fascinating. This page-turner is mandatory for anyone considering body art!"

Dina Kourda

Human and Animal Advocate, Duranie, Engineering Geologist/Hydrogeologist

Irvine, CA




"This extraordinary book arrived in my life in a most synchronistic way: On the very day I was headed to the tattoo parlor for a consultation! Upon reading the book, not only did it deepen my connection to this most sacred art form, but it also deepened my connection to the sacred ways of life. Tania Marie has clearly been a woman on the path, and her depth and wisdom permeate the pages. It's such a flowing and easy read, combined with lovely photographs of some of the best tattoos I've ever seen--especially Tania's. I was inspired by the essence of this book. One never knows from where they will receive some profound guidance and insight, and I dare say this book about sacred tattoos will provide something surprisingly beautiful to each and every reader.


A friend of mine ordered this book yesterday for her niece. Interestingly, her niece is a tattoo aficionado, and at the same time, a struggling youth who is grappling with spiritual life. I truly believe that this book will capture her listening because of the topic of tattoos, and at the same time, lead her seamlessly into a deeper connection with the divine. This book reads like a spiritual masterpiece. Clearly Tania Marie is deeply in tune with Spirit/energy. It's gorgeous. Namaste."

Gaile Lynn

Haiku, Hawaii





"Much more than a Tattoo ebook,  a must read for anyone:

Thinking about your first tattoo? Touch-ups? Tattoo removal? Body canvas?

This spiritual pathfinder brings you closer to your true home's layers...

Tania Marie goes above and beyond the skin, bringing spiritual awareness to anyone with easy and mega-fun reading. Such good feelings of well being after every paragraph! Helping readers happily review our busy connections in our "rush-rush" worlds by revealing deep issues that we all share...

A definite Modern Must Read, truly awakening insight and helpful inspirations from all over with heaps of provocative information. Tania's core elements on looking ahead, from within and all around your soul, prove more than just inspiring, she gives us concrete ways to re-align with our true homes: our personal traveling sanctuary of knowledge, love and pure power... our bodies...

She includes a rare and insightful interview with Siva, an Award-Winning Tattoo Artist, along with many other key people and examples that supply you with collective and enriching words and tips. Will even help you with your "spiritual identity." 

From Portals to Mortals, this ebook completes us, solidifying many thoughts, helping organize our spiritual needs with simple words and suggestions:

'...ask different parts of yourself the same question and pay attention to the subtle differences that present themselves in each part's answer. Ask your Essence and separately, ask your Ego.'

There are MORE than many passages in this book where you simply stop in awe of its simplicity and basic logic. I was not expecting this to be a life changing ebook. A more than pleasant surprise I must say. LOVE IT!

Spiritual Skin is an important "handbook" for all generations to come in my opinion, a truly modern guidebook to happiness and well being with yourself, making you honour your choices and especially challenging your daily lifestyle, all in the goal to being just more and more Happy!

I LOVE this ebook Tania Marie! I never said "wow" so many times!!!"

Karim "Kaz" Choucri, Cyberloops

Montreal, Canada




"As someone who does not have any tattoos, but has always wanted one (and has almost had several in my lifetime but was always stopped by the fear of regret down the road), I was immediately drawn to Tania Marie's new book, Spiritual Skin. Tania provides insight and guidance that anyone who is considering a tattoo needs to have. I finally feel like I have the knowledge and inspiration to begin the creative process of developing a tattoo that will be both beautiful and deeply meaningful, even in the long term. Spiritual Skin is definitely an essential book for anyone who is thinking about a tattoo, already has a tattoo and is contemplating another, or even someone (sans tattoos) who just wants to understand the history of this art form."

Allison DeYenno Jacobson

Huntington Beach, CA




"I LOVED your book!!! The whole spiritual aspect inspired me to consider having a tattoo on my body again. I considered getting a tattoo of the OM or enlightenment symbol, which you talked about in your book! That kind of faded away in my head, due to different things in my life I was going through.


And here comes your book on Spiritual Skin. The title itself stirs something within. When I read your words, and saw the photos, and learned about Siva and his spirituality and the way he conducts his business, I was inspired to open myself to the universe, to the idea that this is someone whom I would trust with my body, and that if a way opened, this is someone whom I would let help me find a tattoo that would represent my letting go, and taking the next step in the spiritual path. Like you wrote in your book about how your tattoos came to you at different times in your spiritual growth, that's what I would do. Be open to seeing it, and find a way to have it done by someone I could trust. Siva's standards are comforting. And, lol, of course open to manifesting the funds to pay for that.

So Tania, your book opened the door of possibilities that much wider, to renewing getting a tattoo that I would love and honor as much as you do yours. To making that declaration for myself, to honor spirit on earth.

I loved your words, your inspiration, you are a beautiful soul. I have recommended your book and will continue to spread the word. A friend of mine, who loves tattoos, bought Spiritual Skin after I told her about it, and she loves it too!!!!

So thank you for making a difference Tania, in my world and in this world, at this time of spiritual awakening and New Earth birthing. I love you, who you are, what you stand for, and the courage and joy you embody."

Lorna, Utah




"Tania provides a concise and common sense discourse on the importance and history of the Sacred Art form of Tattoo in her wonderful book "Spiritual Skin." This ancient art form has long been a way for humans to link with the Divinity found in Nature and the Etheric Realms of Spirit, bridging the gap between the physical and the Spiritual. Tania's insight and intuitive knowledge convey the deeply personal and energetic connection many of us feel with our expressions from the Soul that emerge as the designs on our Body Divine. Having experienced many hours of the Sacred Art herself, she is able to relate the very real transformations a person goes through when initiating themselves with this rite of passage and claiming of personal power that results from the Energy gained when a tattoo is placed upon the Body. Whether you are a seasoned veteran like myself, or contemplating your first tattoo, this book is a must have. Namaste."

Christopher, Montana



"I love the works of Tania Marie! For me, tattoos should be symbolic and meaningful! And this is the magic that Tania Marie has managed to do with her wonderful creations! This latest piece of work expresses an exceptionally unique talent ... and this is also reflected in all of the work Tania creates. Thanks to its very strong, positive vibrations and also her vision of the universe, Tania Marie is an example of how to live with powerful emotions through her creations .... Besides being a beautiful person, she knows how to stand out from the greatness of her soul!"

Eric Lavallee, TV Executive Producer, TVA Productions

Montreal, Quebec




"As someone who is not into tattoos and would never get one myself, I found this book quite insightful.  For anyone contemplating getting a tattoo, this writing provides a physical, historical and metaphysical perspective that should help to provide an excellent basis for thorough evaluation of what might work best as they process their decision."

Frank, Retired Marketing Executive  


"I am very impressed!! This book was extremely helpful in synchronously addressing concerns in regard to the self-searching process, Tattooing in the form of Sacred Honor, and unfolding patterns of Anciently integrated symbolism within the infinite reflection of universal evolution, consistently drawing your Attention with Intention, calling you into alignment as an integral aspect to this currently shifting paradigm of Now!

Expressing Gratitude to Tania Marie for sharing such intimate perceptions, experiences and valuable advice. Also for being called upon to gain further insights and inspiring confirmation through this wonderfully illustrating and thorough examination of the Spiritual Self ~ Namaste!!"
Kimberly Anne
Riverside, CA