Spiritual Skin

  Sacred Tattoos:         

Sacred Tattoos:

More than Skin Deep


By Tania Marie

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Tania Marie's tattoo journey has been an extensive and revealing personal experience. This self-discovery process has led her to combine her love for sacred tattoos, her artistic gifts, and her devotion to spiritual healing, to offer custom tattoo designing. 

It is one of Tania's great joys to intuit, channel, and bring to life potent symbols and imagery to help clients draw in the energy they desire. She's come full circle and now uses her gifts to help others create their own "Spiritual Skin."

Tania's gift is in bringing to life the essence a person desires to mirror their own personal journey. Her love is to create sacred tattoo designs on the skin that integrate the physical and spiritual and become a personal portal to access intentions.

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One of Tania Marie's sacred tattoo designs now graces the cover of author, Kathy Jourdain's new book "Embracing The Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness" published by Balboa Press - a Division of Hay House.
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Kathy's personal story about the cover design will be available soon.
By Tania Marie
"My sacred tattoo design by Tania Marie! This is amazing..I really can't explain how I feel because I can't say that I've ever felt this way ! All I can say is this is this woman is so blessed and I'm so grateful that her wonderful book "Spiritual Skin" helped me understand so many things I have read about in other books but could never quite understand. Also changed my perspective on tattoos. Helping me understand that its more than just ink on your skin. So I decided to ask her to create a sacred tattoo for me. I gave her some information about myself but left out so much that I wanted to share because I believed she could pick up on it, and I was right ! Everything in this sacred tattoo makes perfect sense and has also brought light to a lot of things I have been drawn to and why...I am so grateful and I hope you guys enjoy getting to know a little about me through my sacred tattoo! If you would like to learn more about Tania Marie or her book check out TaniaMarie.com or spiritualskin.com Have a blessed day." ~Isabel Corrochado